Protection of Inventions, Distinctive Signs and Designs.

Any industrial property right is an asset of significant value because it constitutes an important part of the
estate of the person or legal entity and therefore requires proper monitoring and protection against third parties.



The registration of this property in the Register or Office gives the owner the exclusive right to use and exploitation and the right to assign or license their different legal forms.


The importance of these registrations is evident not only to protect our rights but to protect third parties may take advantage of registering the trademark or invention we have created and we have not registered.

Civil Laws, Criminal and Unfair Competition allows any natural or legal person defend against aggression by others. But in the area of Industrial Property, there are some specific laws that are, among others, Trademarks ' Law 17/2001, Patent Law 11/1986, Law 20/2003 on the Legal Protection of Design and
their respective regulations, which give much greater and better protection to those who have conducted the appropriate registration before the Spanish Trademarks and Patent Office.


We have to keep in mind that the good reputation of their products or services is protected thanks to its brand, but at the same time, the intrinsic value of your brand increases with time if the quality remains the same.




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